How It Works / FAQ
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How It Works

Register on the website

Select one of the 3 cities which are subjects of this first study.

Download our tools

Download expert meditation guides or the HERE App and meditate as you normally would while focusing on ‘PEACE’ in the city of your choice. Begin meditating on your chosen city right away.  The period of the study runs from January through February 2019.

Join our weekly calls

Our guides and coaches will help you with your meditations and answer your questions.

We will send you one or two surveys

During the study you’ll complete a survey or two as your feedback will be vital in tabulating the data that makes up the research.

After the study concludes

We’ll share results that will come from analyzing the data collected from meditators and the cities we focused on.


“How often and for how long do I need to meditate?”

You can meditate for as much or as little as you have time for.  All positive meditations will help make this research a success.

” Can I still meditate the way I am used to?”

Yes, meditate the way you normally would.  If you would like to try the HERE app, or download guided meditations to help you, you can try those also.

“I am not a regular meditator, can I still join?”  

Of course!  The Meditation Effect is designed to allow regular people to help make a difference and be involved with a lot of other people. We have provided tools that may help you focus, such as the HERE app, and guided meditations which you can download and listen to.

“How do I set the intention for peace in my city?”

As you begin mediating, you can say softly to yourself in your mind, I am focusing on greater peace in [ name of the city of your choice]. I will hold this intention while I meditate. You can also see the name of the city in your minds eye, or see what you think is an image of the city in a peaceful state before you meditate.

“Do I need to think about that intention for the entire meditation?”

No, just set your intention before you meditate each time.

“When does the experiment begin?”

It is underway now, with meditators beginning to register on January 1.

“When does the experiment end?”

We are gathering as many meditators as we can beginning in January, and will run the experiment for at least the entire month and into February as well.

“I prefer silent meditation, do I need to use the guided meditations?”

No, just meditate as you normally would.

“Is this part of a larger study?”

Yes, The Meditation Effect is a year-long intention experiment intended to prove that focused intention through meditation and mindfulness can change our country.  The Meditation Effect consists of a series of experiments throughout 2019 which focus meditators on philanthropic outcomes, such as lowering gun violence, bullying, domestic violence and hate crimes.  Each experiment is scientifically controlled, web-based and intended to enlist thousands of volunteers from around the United States.  In the pilot experiment, meditators are being enlisted to direct their positive intentions to 3 US cities: Austin, Philadelphia and San Francisco. The meditators are being asked to attempt to lower violence in these cities. Researchers hope to discover significant changes in the CDC gun violence and FBI violent crime statistics compared to the months when the meditators were not focusing their positive intentions.

“Who is behind The Meditation Effect?”

The Meditation Effect was founded by Lisa Broderick. Lisa Broderick is an accomplished senior executive whose career has been defined by understanding how technology impacts society and changes behavior. From her early days spent at Apple Computer over 30 years ago to today, Lisa has devoted her life to practical applications which positively influence people to change their minds and behavior using technology. In this way, The Meditation Effect is an extension of Lisa’s life work. More on Lisa can be found at